About us

More than 25 years in business.
Specialists in advanced repairs.

John Frederiksen founded EVZ transmission A/S in 1989.

John Frederiksen still runs the company as one of the two CEOS.

EVZ transmission A/S started with the rebuilding of automatic transmissions for buses, as well as steering gears for buses and trucks.

Since then, production has been expanded to include manual gearboxes for trucks, automatic transmissions for trains, differentials, steering axles, servo pumps, cooling fan pumps, steering spindles, pistons, etc.

Most of the production is now for export.

EVZ transmission A/S employs a number of highly skilled employees in Ishøj, Denmark.

In 2002, JF Group A/S, which owns EVZ transmission A/S, became the Danish and Swedish importer/distributor of Eaton-Fuller gear.
In 2006, EVZ Transmission A/S became LUK importer.
In 2017, Mogens Olsen joined as a co-owner and CEO of EVZ transmission A/S.

Arbejde vi udfører:

  • Automatgear til busser
  • Styrehuse til busser
  • Styrehuse til lastbiler
  • Manuelle gear til lastbiler
  • Automatgear til tog
  • Bagtøj
  • Dørcylindere

  • Rataksler
  • Servopumper
  • Køleventilatorpumper
  • Styrespindler
  • Metalpålægning af aksler, stempler m.m

John Frederiksen

Mogens Hehl Olsen


Tel: +45 43 35 06 06
E-mail: info@evz.dk

EVZ Transmission A/S
Baldershøj 30
DK-2635 Ishøj Denmark
CVR-nr.: DK 27 15 59 87

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